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Preserving Family Values in a Media Driven Society

TykeLight GloMate
Color Changing Portable Nightlight


TykeLight GloMate Cycles Through a Rainbow of Colors.

The TykeLight®GloMate™ color changing portable nightlight. It's a cuddly play-thing with a friendly, silky feel to snuggle up with on a dark night. But it's also a novel fun lamp to watch as it dissolves from one brilliant color to another.

It can be set to turn on automatically when lifted from the charging base or come on if the household power goes out.®GloMate™ shown here unlit as it charges, but it can be lit while charging. An indicator light on the base turns from red to green when charging is complete


  • Give your children a safe and fun night light. 
  • Portable for when they need to take it with them.
  • Makes a great gift.


  • Cycle through rainbow of colors or set to one color - blue, pink or green. 
  • Kid-friendly grab-n-go design.
  • 15-minute dimmer mode gently fades while child falls asleep.
  • Illuminates while charging.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours.

  • TykeLight GloMate
    Portable Night Light
    Suggested Price: $24.95
    Special Price:  $19.95


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    Illuminates automatically during power outage.
  • Safe charger with no exposed contacts.
  • Easy to clean surface.
  • One toy with three (Blue, Green and Pink) colors..
  • Certified BPA & Lead free


  • TykeLight Buddy
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Safe Charging Base

Demo Video:





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"I just wanted to thank you so much for the products you sell on your website.  You have purchased both power plug locks and most recently, a TykeLight Buddy.  Our youngest son has been frightened of the dark for some time and we thought purchasing the TykeLight would be a great thing for him.   His fifth birthday just past and his big present was his "Buddy" from FamilySafe Media.   For the third night in a row, he has gone to sleep with no problems.    He must feel so secure with his Buddy that he has even stopped sucking his thumb.  (Something he has done since he was born.)   Thank you so much for selling such unique products."
- J. Bird

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