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Time-Scout Monitor
Discontinued and Sold Out.  See our complete line of TV Timers.

Say goodbye to the begging, the pleading, and even the fights over how much time your kids spend playing video games, watching TV, and being on the computer. With the patent-pending Time-Scout™ Monitor, you set the time limits, then it does the rest. When their allotted time is up, you don't have to be the bad guy. That's the Time-Scout's job.

This easy-to-use product can be setup and working in minutes. It works like a credit card reader which controls the electrical power to the device you want to control. It includes everything you need to get started; the Time Scout Card Reader, Power Box, three child On/Off account cards, and parent cards which are used to add or subtract time to/from the children's time accounts.

How It Works:
See the demo video.
Time-Scout Monitor is easy for both you and your kids to use. Simply plug the video game player, TV, or computer monitor into Time-Scout Power Box and lock it into place with our simple patent-pending lock, then plug Time-Scout into any standard power outlet (120 volts), and you're ready to go. Your Time-Scout monitor now becomes the on/off power control for your video game player, TV, computer (controlling the monitor only), or internet modem.

To use it, simply assign each child their own unique account card and give them each a "time allowance" by swiping the corresponding add/subtract time card. For example, swipe the 30-minute add time card eight times to deposit 4 hours into Account #1, and so on for each of your children's accounts.

Whenever your child wants to use the attached device, he swipes his card and Time-Scout turns power on to the device and starts counting down the allotted time . When your child is done, he swipes his card again and his remaining minutes are saved for the next time. When all of his time allowance is used up, Time-Scout automatically shuts the power off to the video game or TV -- making Time-Scout the enforcer, not you.

It's the no-hassle, no-fight way to control and monitor your children's time with electronic devices. So order your Time-Scout Monitor now. Because it's hard to argue with a box.

Please Note:  The Time-Scout will not work with devices that draw more than 300 Watts of power.  Also note that some large screen TVs may publish specs stating only the low end of their power requirements.  For example, they might say the device uses 295 Watts of power, yet the actual power consumption could go higher, over 300 Watts, making it not work reliably with the Time-Scout.

Included with every Time-Scout Monitor:

  • Time-Scout Card Reader
  • Power Box with Plug Lock - More info.
  • Power Cord
  • Set of 6 Child Account Cards - View Cards - (Cards 5 - 10 Only)
  • Set of Parent Cards
  • Users Manual
  • Kids Survival Guide
  • Time-Scout Monitor
    with Cards 5 - 10 Only

    Compare At:  $125.85
    Our Price:  $89.95

    See All the Time Managers

    Add a One Year Replacement Extended Warranty

    Order Online or Call
    (800) 828-4514
    In Stock and Ready to Ship
    30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

    Velcro for mounting the Card Reader for easy access

Satisfaction Guaranteed:
If your not satisfied with Time-Scout, just call us for a return authorization number and ship it back to us within thirty days after delivery for a full refund of the purchase price not including shipping and handling. 

Time-Scout comes with a 90 day warranty.  See our replacement plan.

Compare the different
Time Management Solutions.


Child Account Cards:

Card Pack B. If you need more than the four child accounts that come with Time-Scout, Card Pack B includes child account cards # 5, #6, and #7, each with unique colors and characters. The corresponding parent add/subtract cards, as well as a parent reset/override card and lockout/unlock card are included.
Regular Price:  $12.95
Current Special:  $4.95 (Plus Free Shipping)

Card Pack C. This pack of cards includes child account cards #8, #9, and #10, with three additional characters, to round out our card sets. It includes the corresponding parent add/subtract cards, as well as a parent reset/override card and lockout/unlock card.
Regular Price:  $12.95
Current Special:  $4.95 (Plus Free Shipping)


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Customer Feedback

"We ordered  the Time Scout.  We have 5 kids.  It is working out awesome.  I wish we would have got it years ago.  It is worth the money and time to use.  I am recom-
mending it to every family I know.  Look for increased sales from So. California!!"
- S. Trotter

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