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Telemarketing Call Screener™
vs. Screen Machine™
vs. TeleZapper™
Comparison Chart
Telemarketer and Unwanted Call Blocker

Stop Dinner Time Interruptions!
We are proud to offer two telemarketing block solutions for your family. 
Click here to see the only Telemarketing Blocker on the market today.

Telemarketer Block Comparison:

Use This Chart To Compare Telemarketer Filters

Telemarketing Call Screener™



Phone Company:
No Solicitation

Easy Installation.

Compatible with Caller ID.

Compatible with all answering machines.

Stops ALL Telemarketers.


Plays legal do not call message notifying telemarketers to remove you phone number from their list. Violation of this message is a crime with up to $1500 in federal fines.



Record your personal filter or screen message.




Record Legal do not call message also notifies telemarketers to remove your phone number from the list of their client.




Emits As frequency of telemarketing calls decreases, passive mode lets you answer the phone as normal, yet reactivate the screener at any time by pressing the '*' key.




Emits SIT (Special Information Tones) making your phone number appear invalid, resulting in automatic removal of your number from the telemarketer's call list.



Number of SIT tones used to indicate a phone number is invalid (phone company currently uses 3 tones).





Prevents the phone from ringing when a telemarketer calls.


Works without having to answer the phone.


Distinctive Ring feature for homes and small businesses.



Add $59+ more per year

Unit can be set to ring once or twice to indicate the caller is a friend/family member.




Send accepted calls to the answering machine.

In Passive Mode


Ring your phone, cordless phones and all extensions with accepted calls.


30-day Satisfaction Guarantee when purchased from Family Safe Media.



1 Year Warranty.



Suggested Retail Price:




$85+ per year






Our Review:

The combination of the Screen Machine and the TeleZapper™ make this the best buy.

This device sends a signal to the computer dialed telemarketing calls and tricks it into thinking that your number has been disconnected.

It runs on batteries. Can use an optional 6v AC adapter.


If you share the phone line with your children, get this phone just for the distinctive ring feature. Know who the call is for before you pick up the phone.

You may need an additional piece of hardware for this device to ring all the phone in some homes.

This device sends a signal to the computer dialed telemarketing calls and tricks it into thinking that your number has been disconnected.

** Con: 
Only a small percentage of telemarketing calls are computer dialed and can be stopped. Does not affect direct dialed calls.

Pay a monthly fee, plus a setup fee. Then add the distinctive ring and it will really add up. $144+ per year, ouch!


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