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Home > TV & Video Game Timers > Power Cop Timer

Power Cop
Programmable Timer For Electronic Devices

Use the Power Cop to securely lock any electrical device to manage a daily time allowance. 

  • Create a daily allowance of time to use with any electrical device.
  • Automatic or manual operation.
  • Easy to setup with a nice backlit display.
  • Tamperproof lock
  • Timer and clock display
  • Internal self-recharging batteries that will protect the timer schedule during power outages or tampering. 

This item has been discontinued.
See all the available TV Timers.

Egg timers and I promises are very nice, but lets face it, these "Time Thieves" (TV, video games, etc.) are addictive for kids. Millions upon millions goes into making the video games, TV shows, music and message chat programs that these Time Thieves deliver. And we all know that Kids will be kids, this is not to say that they are bad, but these devices get them hooked and make them loose all track of time.

What other activities you say, what about time for School & Studies, time for Play & Exercise, and time with Friends & Family to name a few. Let Power Cop be the bad guy – Sit down with your kids negotiate a fair time and then let Power Cop be the time keeper.

Power Cop
Was: $39.95

Open Box Demo Unit
(Same 90 Warranty, no retail packaging)
Price: $19.95

See other TV Timers

Please see the limitations of the PowerCop listed below *. Thanks.

Enter Quantity:

Add a One Year Replacement Extended Warranty

Order Online or Call
(800) 828-4514
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

Power Cop was designed to help kids balance and manage their time so that the "Other Activities" that have suffered due to these Time Thieves are brought back to the table. Once you lock down a device inside Power Cop it regulates that time, and when that time is used up for the day Power Cop does not allow that Time Thief any more power to operate until the next scheduled day.

Parent Friendly Preprogrammed: The Power Cop comes preprogrammed from the factory and allows 1 hour a day for each weekday and 2 hours a day for each weekend day. That's a total of 9 hours per week, which is 2 hours over the 7 hour US government recommended weekly usage time for devices such as: Video Games, TV, Internet, etc.

Custom Programming: The Power Cop can also be custom programmed to allow for more or less time for each day of the week, programmable in 15-minute increments.

All OFF: The Power can also be manually set to the "OFF" position to block any power to the Video Game, TV, Stereo, Computer, etc. that is plugged into the Power Cop. This ALL OFF feature comes in very handy if the child is grounded or the like.

All ON:  The Power can also be manually set to the "ON" position to allow open "Unrestricted" time to the Video Game, TV, Stereo, Computer, etc that is plugged into the Power Cop. The ALL ON feature comes in very handy to reward the child for good grades, good behavior and the like.

Warning Alarms: The Power Cop has both audible and visual alarms that signal the user when the allotted day's time is coming to its end. These alarms start at 10 minutes time remaining and sound and flash until the Power Cop is out of time. These Alarms allow the user to safely shut down and save the program or game being used prior to the time expiration.

Power Cop Frequently Asked Questions:
Here is a list of the frequently asked question on the Power Cop.

How It Works:
Just plug the electrical device into the Power Cop, set the time and set the daily allowance. Full instructions are included. It automatically senses when the TV is turned on and begins the countdown. It automatically pauses the daily allowance when the TV is turned off. It shuts off the device when the allowance is depleted.

* PLEASE NOTE: If your TV, Video Game Console, Computer Monitor (anything that you plan on connecting to the PowerCop) draws power in the OFF position, the PowerCop WILL NOT work for you. It will use the allotted time at 12:00 AM and will prevent the TV from being turned on for the rest of the day. Please see our other Time Managers for a timer that will work for you.

How is it different from the other Time Management devices?:
This is the only unit that only supports one user. There isn't a way to tell the Power Cop who is watching TV. It is ideal for families that watch TV together or for video game playing. See our full comparison and review.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:
Power Cop comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Power Cop comes with a 90-day manufactures warranty. See our optional replacement plan.

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Time Management Solutions.




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