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Home > TV & Video Game Timers > GameDR Video Game Timer

Video Game Timer

This item has been discontinued.  Please see our other Time Managers.

The GameDr Video Game Timer is an easy-to-use electronic time management device for video game systems and other electronic devices. Parents simply set the time allowed for video game play and when the allotted time is up, the game timer automatically powers off the game system. Players even get 10-minute and 1-minute warnings so games can be saved. Take the stress out of managing the amount of time your child spends playing video games with the game timer!

  • Compatible with any plug-in video game system or electronic device including televisions, computers and dvd players [This product is suitable for electronic devices up to 600 Watts (5 Amps)]
  • Power cord of game system plugs, and securely locks, into the timer

    Video Game Timer
    Retail:  $34.95
    Our Price:  $29.95


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  • Set a block of time to limit how much the game system can be used
  • Time limit can be programmed to repeat every 24 hours
  • Lock tabs fit over console power plug to prevent disengaging the timer device
  • 4-digit pass code prevents unauthorized timer changes
  • On/Off buttons allow player to start and stop their allotted time block
  • Rechargeable battery backup in case of a power outage or unplugging of device
  • Warnings are given when time limit is approaching: 10 minutes, 1 minute, and as time is reached
  • Manufacturer's one year limited warranty

How It Works:

  1. Set the Timer.
  2. Plug In the Video Game Console or TV.
  3. Lock the GameDR Closed with the Included Locking Tie.

Satisfaction Guaranteed & Warranty:
PlayLimit comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a limited one year manufacture's warranty.  See our optional replacement plan.


  • GameDr_GameTimer_pkgVideo Game Timer
  • 6 Locking Ties
  • Detailed Instruction Manual

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Customer's Reviews:

"I bought this unit and 2 other Game Timers. This was 3rd overall, as far as features and quality, and this unit was in the dark ages compared to the other two units I bought and tested! Several archaic features were definite deal breakers for our family!

  1. If you own a Sony Play Station 3 most game timers shut off the power completely when the child's time is used up. The Play Station 3 requires the electrical outlet to always be on, if not the memory and time settings are lost and have to be reentered each time you use the device (a Pain in the neck)!
  2. This unit mounts at the wall and so you have to climb behind your TV where it is plugged in to be able to activate your time or to program the unit. Yes you can plug it into an extension cord but it is inconvenient and gives you the feeling no one at the company actually ever tried one in their home!
  3. The unit does not have a keylock to capture the Game devices power plug, instead it uses cheap Cable Zip Ties to hold the cable cover down, did I mention CHEAP?. Also the keys are unreadable they are all red and have minute illegible names on each key. Impossible to read unless you use a magnifying glass and a flashlight. And you have to hold the users manual in another hand simultaneously because the command structure is so looney!

This unit was so bad I just tested it, and quickly put it back in the packaging and returned it. I did not even subject my family to this device and all of its maladies!

By the way the unit the whole family liked the most and even Mom can program easily was the BOB - Screen Time Manager. This was the most expensive unit but also the most sophisticated by a mile! It is built well and is easy to use and works well with the Play Station 3 and all TVs and computers. It shuts down the kids use, but still allows a small amount of power to pass through the device and to keep your PS3 memory alive."  By R. Goulmassian "Hi Tech Junkie" (Los Angeles, CA), December 31, 2009



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