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TV Channel Blocker
This Item Has Been Discontinued

The TV Channel Blocker provides a simple and effective means of blocking cable channels that a parent wants to remove from their channel selection.  Extremely easy to use, the Channel Blocker has push button controls that allow parents to select and block channels, ranging from 2-86, for all television sets in the home, from one central source. There are just three buttons to use.

"Now we can block unwanted channels like MTV, VH1,
Spike TV, and partially scrambled channels."

  • Block unwanted cable channels from your cable lineup or antenna reception.
  • Single source control for the entire house. No need for multiple devices.
  • Block as many analog cable channels as you would like from channel 2 through channel 86.
  • Add a padlock and your settings will be protected.
  • Add a TV Timer Bob and use it to block out certain times of the day or night.

Channel Blocker
Our Price:  $119.95

Please Note:  This device only works with regular cable service. It does not work with digital cable or satellite TV.


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#1 Question:  Will this item work after the February 17th, 2009 Digital Conversion?

Yes, it will.  The cable Channel Blocker is for blocking channels from your regular cable company (not digital cable or satellite TV).  Digital Conversion is only for broadcast channels received through your antenna. 

Your Choice, All The Time
In addition to blocking channels, there may be a time in the household when you would like to prohibit television viewing (after school, homework time, after hours). Sometimes there can be "too much" television and simply turning off the set is not sufficient. With the Channel Blocker, this can be accomplished quickly and easily without losing your previously programmed blocked channels.

Using the Subscriber Initiated Signal Interruption function, the cable signal into the home is interrupted, and it is entirely up to you to choose to turn off or on viewing.

All televisions in the home will display a blank screen when this function is performed, again no need for the extra expense of providing a special unit for every television in your home. (Other television monitoring units on the market today can cost as much as $100.00 per unit for this function alone).

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does the unit come with everything required for installation?
    Yes, the TV Channel Blocker Parental Controlled Self-Install Consumer unit (Stock No. 9111) includes:
    + TVCB-PC Unit
    + TVCB Accessory Kit: Power Supply, Wall Mounting Bracket, Installation Tool, Jumper Cable, Installation Instructions, Quick Reference.
  2. How many channels can I block?
    The TVCB-PC can block up to 80 channels, but if more than 5 channels in a row are blocked, there may be reduced blocking capability.
  3. Can I block broadcast channels?
    Yes, the TVCB-PC can block channels from 2-86 from your cable provider.
  4. Do I have to remember a Parental Identification Number (PIN)?
    No.  The unit is physically protected, there is no need to have and remember a PIN.
  5. What happens if it doesn't work?
    We will provide technical support information.  The unit has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty.
  6. Am I allowed to block channels by the cable company?
    Yes, the cable company allows your to block channels, but you must still pay for the package of channels.
  7. Will the Channel Blocker work with Satellite or Digital Cable?
    No, the TV Channel Blocker is designed to work with analog cable to filter cable or broadcast channels 2 thru 86.
  8. Does it have a locking mechanism?
    The TV Channel Blocker has special bolts used to close the unit for protection from tampering.  The special tool is included with the kit.
  9. Can I hookup the Channel Blocker to a timer?
    The Channel Blocker doesn't have a timer built in, but it can be used with the TV Allowance to block the cable during certain times of the day.  This is perfect for controlling late night usage of the TV or cable Internet.
  10. Can I insert a signal into a channel range that was blocked by the Channel Blocker?
    No.  The Channel Blocker jams channels.  It is a not a notch filter.  You need the Channel Elimination Filter that will allow the insertion of a signal on channels between 2 - 38.  Complete information can be found here.



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